Friday, 22 March 2013

Snowy debut

No pics because we had no time to stop, but this morning Lorelei took me to Harpenden for physio.  In steady falling snow and strong veering winds. Two enforced stops early on -- first to raise saddle (more) and then again to tighten up bolt to keep the saddle's nose from dipping! 

The 'front end' of the bike feels quite strange... partly from not being able to rest hands right over hoods, mostly using suicide levers to brake (meaning hands are closer together at slow speeds and stops -- affects balance more than I expected!). I have no problem with stem-mounted shifters as that hasn't changed, and I quite like friction shifting.

The bike feels quite lively, which confirms what I suspected from the beginning:  the geometry is more "road" than relaxed.  (I can't seem to create a hyperlink for the explanation on this, so here's the URL:

Pity I needed a saddlebag loaded with clothes and two heavy locks.

Proper outing tomorrow. With photos. Else it didn't happen - right?

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