Thursday, 21 March 2013

Oh for a quiet life!

As some readers know, I am enrolled with the Open University after a 5 year gap, to finish my law degree. On top of working full-time! Although it's a short-term job and is thankfully due to finish 3rd April. My first written assignment was due at midnight last night. I don't know how well I did on it... although I must say I did a sterling job of stressing out in the days leading up to it.  (Trying to re-establish good study habits is tricky now, being part of a family rather than living as a hermit!) So I spend some quality time in bed yesterday afternoon with a migraine and a dose of Imigran. And then got up and finished the assignment. And got it submitted online. With an hour to spare.

I did steal a moment Tuesday morning -- and boy did it feel like 'stealing' when I had to own up to Adam that I hadn't in fact spent the ENTIRE day with my nose in the books! -- to hasten Lorelei's transformation.

Rear rack and kickstand removed. Small things but it made me happy.

And Adam has since finished the brakes.

Our Friday overnight ride from Birmingham to the Rollright Stones looks likely to be cancelled due to forecasts for heavy snow. 

So.... Lorelei may get her new road debut on Saturday morning! :)

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